Transformation Through Revelation (TTR)? REGISTRATION for 2020 NOW OPEN!

Looking for a Hifth institution that is built on the fundamentals of what transformed those before us ?into the best of people to ever walk this earth???

Transformation Through Revelation (TTR)? REGISTRATION for 2020 NOW OPEN!

At TTR our mission is to
produce Hufaath who have memorised the Quran and transformed their lives because of it.?

Our program includes:?

• A syllabus based on a wealth of experience and a tried a tested method
• Small interactive classes
• Teachers who serve as role models to their students

Our syllabus includes: ?

• Memorization of Quran
• Arabic grammar
• morphology
• Hadith a week program
• Beginner fiqh
• Aqeedah
• Purification of the heart

Our team consists of: ????

• Haafith Goosain Solomon
(Head of the Hifth Department and Teacher)
• Haafith Imraan Solomon
(Principal, Head of the Quran Translation Program and Teacher)
• Haafith Achmat Solomon
(Overseer of the Fiqh and Administration)
• Haafithah Fatiema Sasman (Head Teacher for the females division)
• Haafith Dawood James (Teacher)
• Haafith Mln Yazeed Mohammed

Spaces limited to a maximum of 7 students per class.‼

Visit our OPEN DAY
? When: Saturday 23 November
? Time: 1:30 pm – 3 pm
? Where:Islamic Society of Ottery Ferness. (ISFO) – 50 Ailsa Rd, Ferness Estate, Ottery

Register soon to avoid disappointment!??

For more information?:

☎Phone: 066 248 3678

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