ISFO will be hosting an 8 week Tohaarah and Solaah Class starting Tuesday 22 October 2019 After Magrieb Solaah. Presented by our resident Imam Achmat Solomon.

Please Note: Classes moved back to Tuesdays

Course objective:

  • Performing Tohaara
  • Applying the rules of tajweed
  • How to perform solaah correctly
  • How to lead solaah
  • What to do when a mistake has been made
  • How to be completely present when performing solaah

This is a great opportunity for all of us to refresh the basics as well as to gain a deeper understanding of why we make Solaah.

Classes for all ages and genders. Ladies facilities available. Class open for all and to the extended communities. Bring your friend, family member or neighbor.

Classes are FREE but Donations will be welcomed and appreciated.

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